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The home of UPP candidate Maria Buncamper Molanus (Marietje), and her husband Claudius Buncamper (Toontje) is currently being raided.
Maria Buncamper has been under investigation since the Today Paper leaked information about a “Land Lease” deal in which the then DP Senator was said to have illegally profited back in 2011.
The Lands Recherche are the Federal Detectives, and are an entity of law enforcement in St Maarten, but is autonomous from other Police Departments.
The Buncamper case was postponed for years, but when Maria Buncamper decided to join the UPP slate last elections, of course the charges resurfaced.
Currently Maria is facing a prison sentence,
and her court date has repeatedly been postponed
The Landsrecherché, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the judge of instruction are all a part of this raid at the Buncamper home in St John’s Ranch St Maarten.
Further charges…

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Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams confirmed during the weekly Council of Ministers press briefing that the donation the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) gave to the Simpson Bay Community Council were questionable.
SCDF stated that they made a donation to the S.B.C.C. due to the event that was held in the Simpson Bay area. The Prime Minister stated that based on what she read in the newspapers several questions came to her mind because she wants to know if SCDF will give donations to the other community councils where carnival jump ups are held.

SCDF has had various issues and also met with parliament when they learnt that their budget for the 2014 carnival celebrations had to be reduced due to the country’s budget problems. SCDF are also upset about the agreement with Telem, which meant that the competitor UTS would not donate to this carnival, like they usually do. Last year TELEM and SCDF were at an impasse because SCDF refused to fully comply with the agreement the Government of St. Maarten has with TELEM since that company invested their monies to build the stage inside of Festival Village. The SCDF lost about $150,000 in funding this year and yet were able to give donations to community councils.

photos PART 4 St Martin carnival 2014 all photos judith roumou

These are more photos yesterday, more photos to come and then the Heineken Regatta

photos PART 3 st martin carnival 200 more pictures today and sundays parade photos judith roumou

I posted over 800 photos today here, on, and on other sites. There are about 1200 more photos to go and tomorrow look out 4 the Heineken Regatta photos, lots coming up. I’m crashing out 4 the night, tomorrow morning, will start posting photos early, so by the time you get up I hope to have all the photos posted. Tomorrow I’ll also add the St Martin carnival end, and more. Until Tomorrow