50 jouvert photos sxm st maarten carnival 2016 by ricardy maricel + today’s Grand Parade schedule

50 jouvert photos sxm st maarten carnival 2016 and today’s grand parade schedule
Despite the change in holidays at the last minute by government, we will CONTINUE with the parades as they are scheduled right now. However, please note:
The Children Parade on Saturday will now start at the Jose Lake Ballpark (not Gran Marche) at 3pm, it will travel down LB. Scottt Road, Bush Road, over Prins Bernard Bridge, and travel the span of (Walter Nisbeth Road (Pondfill) straight to Carnival Village (not Frontstreet).
The Grand Parade will begin as usual at St. John’s Estate at 10am on Sunday Morning. This parade WILL go up Frontstreet as normal. So will the second day parade which begins at 12 noon just outside Carnival Village.
We would like to thank all those parents who had volunteered to assist with Children Parade but now have to work as a result of the change in holidays and can’t be present.